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Welcome to ECM

Service to the Electrical and Instrumentation construction industry.

Electrical Construction & Management Ltd (ECM) was founded in 2012 to provide a unique service to the Electrical and Instrumentation construction industry, involving the provision of select professional staff and support services to assist their Clients in the successful completion of projects.

ECM is committed to providing our clients with exceptional quality of products and services in a creative and innovative manner.

ECM's mission is to exceed the customer's expectations through zero harm, service excellence and continual improvement, whilst ensuring that all stakeholders involved enjoy a safe, harmonious and rewarding work environment.


ECM Key Services

ECM provides the following key services for their Clients;

  • • Project Management Services
  • • Project Supervision
  • • Project Procurement Support
  • • Project Logistical Support
  • • Client's Representative and Consultancy
  • • Project Team Support Roles
  • • Quality Inspections
  • • Quantity Surveying
  • • Hazardous Area Inspections
  • • High Voltage Installation Audits
  • • Project Start-ups
  • • Project Troubleshooting




ECM Work Activities

ECM provides services for the following types of work activities;

  • • Temporary Construction Power
  • • Underground Services
  • • Cable Support Systems, including Cable
      Ladder,Cable Tray, Conduit etc
  • • Cabling, including major cable winching
  • • Cable Terminations
  • • LV and HV Power Reticulation
  • • Automation and Process Control Systems
  • • Lighting Systems
  • • Instrumentation Systems
  • • Telecommunication Systems
  • • Hazardous Area Installations
  • • High Voltage Terminations and Testing
  • • Fibre Optic Terminations and Testing
  • • Fault Finding and Repairs


ECM Business Model

ECM's business model ensures our Clients can be serviced by a small, efficient and cost effective Project Team, which is hand selected by ECM Managing Director Jason Smith to have the necessary skills and experience to effectively manage the project works, whilst being able to draw upon the support from ECM Head Office on an as required basis.


ECM Contact Details

Do not hesitate to contact ECM's Managing Director for any further information;

  • Electrical Construction and Management (ECM)
  • Address: PO Box 1318, Vision City, NCD, Port Moresby, PNG
  • Key Contact: Jason Lee Smith (Managing Director)
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